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Education that recognizes individuality and
love will help children realize
that they are unique and important,

and will enhance their  self worth.



​We believe that the most important thing in a child's life is to be educated at an early age, as it is the foundation of the child's future.

Our high standard of education in small groups will provide each student with a personalized learning plan. The goal is for  each student to be at a first grade education level by the time they graduate our program,  setting them up for much success as they begin elementary school.
We want to create an environment that fosters love and supports each child’s individuality  thereby giving our students a sense of fulfillment and achievement.

Unconditional love to you

TBCC in Santa Ana

Age 2 to 5
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TBCC's Distinctive Educational Methods

  1. Due to the small class sizes we offer, we are able to establish individual monthly, half-yearly, and yearly learning goals and feedback.

  2. Teaching of main subjects, social skills, and circle time in the students' native language.

  3. Crafts, music, physical education, etc. are taught in a second language.

  4. Montessori-based curriculum to promote the development of the five senses.

  5. Practical support and resources for parents in raising their children and continuing learning at home.

What makes TBCC Special

  1. Small class size of 12 students per class.

  2. Teachers and curriculum are focused on finding and developing children's individual talents.

  3. Practical child-rearing support for parents.

  4. Balanced development of Japanese and English language skills.

  5. Policemen on site for a Safe and healthy learning environment.

  6. Prayer and planning meeting for teachers every morning prior to the start the day. 


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Open home daycare at West LA
Open home daycare at Las Vegas
Open small home daycare at Irvine
Became large home daycare (started Montessori curriculum)
Established Online learning Tampopo Academy
Start New devision Tampopo⁺ (Night Kids Care)
Will Open Spring 2023 TBCC at Santa Ana


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